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Company: Hustlin Recordz

769 NIR Shreibman Blvd. C-11, LaVergne, Tn 37086 (615) 971-3239 Email: President: Louis Williams CEO/Record Company: Hustlin Recordz and Music Production B.M.I.,  Est. in 1993 Staff: 1

Pays negotiable Royality to artist on contract, Orignal Music Only

How to contact: Write or email first for premission to submit. Maxium of 2 songs on CD and Lyrics, Do return materials, Respond Only if Interested, to take it somewhere, instead of sitting, collecting dust.

Music: All rap( Tight is Tight) Soul, R&B, Dance Club

Tips: Bring Your Game ..........Be different

Please include a breif Biography, Experience, CD, and 2 photos

  (office will change to another area in future)

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